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The Qingdao spent 2 billion river regulation ink Finish greening project next year

Date: 2015-11-07

Yesterday, the reporter learns from the municipal environmental protection bureau, the municipal government executive meeting to study recently identified in ink river basin in the implementation of a high standard regulation, through engineering measures to achieve the ink river basin water quality comprehensive improvement. It is understood that the ink river basin comprehensive improvement of the total investment of about 2 billion yuan, plan before the end of June 2016 complete rain sewage diversion, river sewage pipe network construction, river dredging, and gray water recycle and river ecological construction and other projects, complete by the end of 2016 the Banks build by laying bricks or stones to protect, such as road, afforestation project construction.
Three engineering standards
According to the planning scheme and the ink river basin comprehensive renovation content mainly includes three aspects: one is the control basin pollution thoroughly, will be a priority and the priority of the pollution treatment, adhere to high standards and strict, reliable and feasible measures, full implementation of sewage and wastewater treatment engineering; Second, vigorously implement the ecological restoration, on the basis of pollution, package implementation river dredging, water, green, and gray water recycle of renovation; 3 it is to plan as a whole the project of peripheral river on both sides of the road construction and the overall planning and implementation ink afforestation, etc., to the overall governance effect, maximum benefit residents along the coast. Through comprehensive improvement, will ink built along the river life, leisure, fitness, hydrophilic ecological corridor. Plan before the end of June 2016 complete rain sewage diversion, river sewage pipe network construction, river dredging, and gray water recycle and river ecological construction and other projects; Complete by the end of 2016 the Banks build by laying bricks or stones, road and greening engineering construction.
Set up headquarters office
Ink the comprehensive improvement of the river basin with a total investment of about $2 billion, by the municipal, district two levels of reasonable partaking, regulation executes ShuDeHua and responsible work, by the government of chengyang district and jimo as specific to organize and implement the main responsibility. In addition, the city government held a special meeting, set up the municipal, district (city) the comprehensive improvement of the two-level ink river basin in headquarters, to take the form of concentrated office promptly to carry out the relevant work. At present, and Qingdao jimo command has been set up, in the near future will be to implement the central office, chengyang district headquarters are in form; Chengyang district and jimo is to perfect the comprehensive improvement of the ink river basin planning scheme to deepen; Jimo due to start work earlier, part of the renovation project has been launched.
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Ink river water quality improvement Standards for three consecutive months
Ink river is a river to the sea of the city in northern area, mainly through the chengyang district and jimo. Of shenyang, through the efforts of the past, at present, the city of cieme districts to leak a cap-and-trade scheme has been performed in place, the ink river cross-strait straight PaiKou block has been basically completed, sewage overflow has been basically eliminated, the projects of sewage treatment plant and is speeding up its river ecological restoration project, the work is completed, the ink river zhengyang bridge section water quality has been stable for three months in a row since July in meeting the requirements of the provincial department of environmental protection to determine standard of surface water Ⅴ class. The relevant person in charge of the municipal environmental protection bureau in place that river for three consecutive months, although the ink ink now relatively "fragile" standard level of the river, the lack of a stable security engineering, the next step, will be focusing on sewage anti-pollution, water reuse and desilting, ecological wetland construction and a series of comprehensive improvement measures. Wait for sewage pollution and related project completion and also keep up with the daily regulation, river water quality will achieve a higher level, ink for ordinary people to create a clear water, entertainment, leisure space. (Qingdao evening news/palm/Qingdao QingWang journalists Xu Meizhong correspondent Governing the country)