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Qingdao fire will be equipped with four major artifact Helicopters loaded

Date: 2015-11-07

Reporter from the recently held our city of provincial public fire control facilities construction site meeting that this year, Qingdao will be listed two fire helicopters, three fire fighting vessel, a two-headed fire engines, such as special fire fighting equipment, and with the advanced equipment, Qingdao fire will enter a "surface clearing" four one of the new era, fully defend the island city people's life and property safety, further enhance the stereoscopic, all-weather ability to fire fighting and rescue work. (Qingdao evening news/palm/Qingdao QingWang journalists Liu Zhuoyi)
The helicopter will join the Qingdao fire
According to relevant data shows, fire fighting helicopter equipped with hoses water cannons, fire from the air, in addition, fire fighting helicopter and a device that can start full load of water pours down in an instant, for the city and the forest fire is very effective.
"Fire fighting helicopter in tall building fire, chemical enterprises and major workplace fire highway accident has a unique flexibility, can enhance the rescue efficiency, reduce the pressure on the surrounding traffic. Specific buy pass expert reasoning, model and quantity at present has not yet been set." the relevant person in charge of Qingdao fire said in an interview.
In order to meet the fire helicopters, island city multiple departments also related to emergency preparedness. In may last year began implementing the "Qingdao city high-rise building fire safety management method" specific provision, building height more than 100 meters, building area of more than 1000 square meters and standard layer of important public buildings, should set up a rooftop helipads or for helicopter rescue facilities. Reporters learned that, hainan airlines center among some high-grade office buildings and medical units have been PeiJian, an exercise in August this year, Hong Kong middle road, hainan airlines center all the nations will have made a success of helicopter rescue drills.
And as early as last year, the island city medical institutions have a helicopter landing point: around in jiaozhou city hospital ward floor, roof, hill road, the city of 120 emergency center, qdu establishing affiliated hospital of the west coast of the hospital, the third people's hospital of new campus. But the reporter understands, this year during the festival, Qingdao fire has "air force" : four rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). The drone on the belly that can rotate 360 degrees, 30 x optical zoom camera, at the highest altitude can be monitored on fire control safety within the scope of more than 30 square kilometers. Fire unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is a versatile, in addition, it can not only watch the scene of the fire,, looking for the men to help commander analysis situation to arrange rescue package, also can carry out the tasks of dropped 5 kilograms equipment.
Rail vehicle insurance safely underground
Reporter in an interview notice, whoever has drill site, the fire service in Qingdao secret a squadron of two "big" can attract enough eyeballs: two aerial platform fire truck reach 90 m and 101 m respectively. Fire officers and soldiers told reporters that the two fire trucks marked the Qingdao fire into the "height" of the world. But the reporter understands from provincial public fire control facilities construction site meeting, in addition to the truck, the helicopter on the outer, this island has introduced a can into the fire truck - this is what is known as "fire engine" tracks amphibious truck, it into the rail, the underground fire can be dedicated to fighting.
Reporter saw, the engines in addition to ordinary rubber tires, chassis and a special system, six orbit round. "The main difference with other fire engines, the car is the six orbit round." Fire officers and soldiers to tell a reporter, once received the tube of the fire alarm, rail and truck through the special path, can reach to the underground railway junction, pilot control button, ordinary wheel will gradually rise, six wheels fall began to enable orbit, become a fire "engine". Wheels and track after anastomosis, the fire brigade drive directly to the subway tunnel, using car spraying, lighting, forcible entry, storage, water pump power five module system, comprehensive emergency rescue.
One thousand tons of drainage pump ship will dock
Journalists have visited the island city in the winter fishing port wharf, fishing boats often park on the wharf side by side, the fishing boat into the mud at the bottom of the medial berth, once a fire before the firemen arrived, the fishermen watched "baked wheaten cake joins camp". "Take a main drive is 320 horsepower fishing boat, naked ship cost 700000 yuan." Luo Guying community a fisherman told reporters, now fishing boats, two sets of beidou system is equipped with GPS navigation system, combined with ground fish, anti-collision instrument equipment, such as the price of a 320 - horsepower fishing boat is easy to reach 80 yuan to 900000 yuan, and an imported BMW cars. But unlike BMW, these big fishing boat is generally equipped with more than 10 tons of fuel oil, if there is no insurance, was burned down and loss for the ship owners would be astronomical.
The reporter understands, in order to guarantee of fire safety in the port, coastal areas, Qingdao fire will buy fireboat. Announcement according to the law of the People's Republic of China ministry of finance website, as early as in July last year, Qingdao fire just released a displacement of 350 tons and 1200 tons of fire tender procurement project public bidding announcement, in May this year, fire protection and fire fighting technology was held in Qingdao specification discussion meeting, 11 from China classification society, the navy, dongguan fire, fire team of experts from Qingdao port, fire fighting as a key project of special funds, Qingdao city public security fire control team headquarters, logistics department related personnel will be dynamic master the work progress of the project, supervise the fireboat construction tasks completed with good quality.
Double the fire guard jiaozhou bay tunnel
Earlier this year, nanjing, jiangsu province board warehouse hurtling down the street a double car engines to attract the attention of a lot of netizens. The reporter understands, within two years, Qingdao fire will also be equipped with a similar fire trucks, first of all to is located in the Qingdao jiaozhou bay tunnel fire station of Xue Gudao. The double truck has a unique double double cab and four-wheel steering system, need not turn back, turn the timesaving, particularly suitable for narrow lanes tunnel accident rescue and disaster relief, with four wheel steering function at the same time, this can reduce the turning radius to the greatest extent, suitable for flexible working in the narrow road.
The reporter understands, this kind of truck is mainly used in narrow