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Qingdao three night bus opened a year 160000 or increase the trains

Date: 2015-11-07

Morning last November, Qingdao bus group in 1, 26 road, 224 road opened three all night bus, passenger train has become mature, so far, especially in tourist season and summer night bus "hot". According to statistics, over the past year, three night bus transport more than 160000 people.
The reporter understands, 224 road night bus passengers mainly along the office worker, and generation of drivers, visiting relatives and friends of the citizens, and occasionally go out of a citizen, fixed more passengers. Before open "three night bus, bus group after the detailed research, do each have focused on: 1 route through multiple business district, as a business line; 26 route with many tourist attractions, is punters; and 224 line runs through north and south city, is a line of the people's livelihood, is mainly for the convenience of office worker." Bus group laoshan bus company manager ke-yin zhang said, now, has reached the expected goal.
"According to the passenger flow data of one year, three night bus passenger flow is highest in summer, 224 road bus in three nights in the most popular." Ke-yin zhang said, as the night bus operation, higher awareness and traffic also. If the conditions are ripe, will increase the number and narrow departure intervals, let citizens and tourists go out at night is more economical and convenient. (reporter Wu Shuai correspondent Zhang peng)