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The west coast of Qingdao, new city variety characteristic activities make New Year's day new experiences

Date: 2016-12-30

In the golden beach beer city "beer + hot pot" taste of the delicious, to hide mashan resort experience "ski + hot spring" should, into the mountain spirit bead feel "animals' pet + peasant food + parent-child picking" happy rural leisure, swimming in the New Year "winter swimming huangdao" 14 packages 34 project preferential...Since late December, the west coast of Qingdao, new city launch a number of characteristics of winter tourism and leisure activities, ecological sightseeing park west coast magic lanterns, hidden mashan big temple fair characteristic such as delectable activities will be launched in succession after the New Year's day, also become the "hospitality shandong zh zh will" experience winter tourism and leisure a new play.